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The $1000 Scholarship Winner is - T. Justin Haxby


College Scholarship Contest

Win a $1000 Scholarship!

Write an Essay and Answer the Question "Why is Reality Television so popular, and how has it impacted the viewing public?" and win a $1000 Scholarship.

We are pleased to offer the College Scholarship Contest, where students can win a $1000 scholarship for education expenses at an accredited college or private career school.

How to Enter...

The Scholarship Contest is free to enter, and eligibility is not based on grade point average or financial need. Contestants may enter only one time per contest. The contest ends on December 1, 2012.

The essay shall be now less than 750 words and based on the theme: "Television has spawned the 'reality' genre. Why is it so popular, and how has it impacted the viewing public?" Judges will select the winner and award the $1,000 scholarship on December 15, 2012. Entries must be submitted on or before December 1, 2012 via email to

The Specifics and the Legal Stuff...

The winning entry will be notified by email based upon the information submitted in the application. Essays must include a coversheet with name and contact information. Name should appear at the bottom of each page as well. All entrants must include and affirm the following statement: "I have read and understand the scholarship contest rules. The essay submitted is original and of my own creation".

All entries must be double-spaced and in English. Entries must be submitted in one of the following file formats: Open Office (.odt) or Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx). Contestants may not identify themselves or family members, their schools, cities or states in the essays. No reader should be able to say that they can determine the author based upon reading the essay.

The winner will be notified by email. If, for any reason, the winner doesn't respond and claim the scholarship within one week, it will for to the second place essay.

The winner's scholarship check will be made payable to the winner's college of attendance for the benefit of the winning applicant.

The essay must be the contestant's original work (finalists' essays will be scanned for plagiarism).

Family members of employees of the sponsoring organization are not eligible for the College Offer scholarship.

The institution must be accredited and listed on the official website of the U.S. Department of Education ( Applicants attending military academies are ineligible for this scholarship. All school transfers are subject to accreditation approval. reserves the right to alter or discontinue this program at any time without notice.

The submission becomes property of When you submit your essay, you agree that may publish your essay or use portions of your essay for promotional or other purposes and may redact portions of your essay as deemed necessary or appropriate.

Contestants found in violation of the contest rules will be eliminated from consideration. If plagiarism is identified, the contestant will be ineligible to compete for future scholarships.

Quotes are to be minimally used and all sources must be properly attributed.

You Are Eligible for the College Scholarship If...

• You are a current undergraduate or graduate student attending an accredited college or private career school who will be continuing their course of studies in the spring of 2013.
• You are 18 years of age or older.
• You are a U.S. citizen or holder of a valid and current U.S. Visa.

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